Welcome to the BC Paint Horse Club

We are proud to be recognized by the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) as the official club representing APHA-registered Paint Horse owners in British Columbia.

One of our most important goals is to increase awareness of the American Paint Horse breed and to develop and support activities and programs that will benefit our membership throughout British Columbia.

Your BC Paint membership provides an opportunity for you to compete for amazing year-end awards at APHA-approved shows in BC [and beyond], and at all-breed shows in our popular Open Show Program. You will also receive a copy of the annual NWCC Directory, representing Paint Horse clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Youth members can compete for year-end awards in our Open Show Program for free [it’s an add-on for members 19 & over]. Youth members are also eligible to apply for a $500 scholarship from BC Paint. 

It’s our aim to create a vibrant network of people of all ages who share a passion for the care and promotion of the American Paint Horse – no matter what type of activity you and your Paint participate in. Join us! 

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