Save the dates in 2024

  • May 11-12 South Central QH Fuzzy Show, Kelowna
  • June 2 Donna Ruth Memorial Show, Armstrong – APHA approved, all breed classes, too
  • June 7-9 BC Paint Mountain Trail Clinic, Merritt
  • June 15-16 Alberta Paint Horse Spring Classic APHA Show, Red Deer
  • June 21-23 Ranch Horse Revolution Show, Armstrong
  • July 6-7 South Central QH Ogopogo Show, Kelowna
  • July 13-14 Alberta Paint Horse Sunny South APHA Show, Claresholm
  • August 1-4 Zone 10 APHA Show, Ponoka
  • August 17-18 Icebreaker APHA & All Breed Horse Show, Maple Ridge
  • August 24-25 South Central QH Wine Country Classic, Kelowna
  • August 30 – September 1 Alberta Paint Horse Fall Classic APHA Show, Red Deer
  • September 13-15 Ranch Horse Revolution Show, Armstrong

For a list of 2024 shows in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, visit the NWCC website.  

Show time!


APHA members in BC have a unique opportunity to choose which Zone to belong to for the purpose of tabulating APHA Zone awards. (Those are the ones recorded every month in the APHA Journal.) 

Zone 1 covers shows in BC, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Montana; Zone 10 is for shows in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. 

If you don’t declare for Zone 10, you are automatically considered Zone 1 by virtue of your BC mailing address. If you plan to show primarily in Alberta this year, you are encouraged to declare for Zone 10. And you are considered Zone 10 until you declare otherwise. (Cross-border exhibitors will have to pay attention!) 

If you plan to show south of the border this year, be sure to send in your NWCC declaration before your first show. 

Remember, all exhibitors of horses exhibited in APHA classes must be APHA members, and novice youth and amateur riders must have their respective novice and amateur cards. You’ll save money (and time) by applying for them in advance. Go to APHA’s website for more information. APHA memberships now include a subscription to the APHA Journal. 

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us for answers!

PS: This year, we’re seeking sponsors for all our year-end awards. Sponsorship of a division is $100. Please contact us to secure your sponsorship! And thank you!

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Year End Rules - APHA Shows

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Out-of-Province Shows
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BC Bred Declaration

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APHA Zone Declaration

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NWCC Declaration & Rules

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